About Anne Beard

A veteran of her craft,  Anne Beard grew up on a  mountain ranch in Washington and has lived on the Oregon high desert for the past two decades where she creates one-of-a kind, upholstered furnishings for the contemporary western lifestyle.

Blending  the individual expression and functional practicality characteristic of traditional western crafts, Anne infuses her work with vignettes of the western landscape.  Her designs range from tailored ottomans  depicting a cameo of a cowgirl and her favorite horse to nature inspired armchairs appliquéd with frolicsome chickadees on snow covered pine.

A strong sense of individuality, coupled with decades of focused experimentation, Anne's work is uniquely identifiable. Appliquéing  the finest wool gabardines, her pieces are frequently accented with cow or deer hide, pictorial nail heads or minute pieces of hand applied Tamarack bark.  Given the attention to detail lavished on each one-of-a-kind piece, Anne produces a limited number of custom orders each year.

"Capitalizing on the value of detail and the power of image and symbol, Anne Beard's furniture transcends the functional.  ...appreciate these pieces for what they are---three dimensional art." - Corrine Joy Brown, Persimmon Hill Magazine